Center for Medical Research

Core Facility Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is a key technology in determining molecular compounds in cellular systems. The Core Facility Mass Spectrometry applies its technologies in the research fields of Lipidomics and Metabolomics, which encompass measurement of whole sets of lipids and metabolites. As of now, we are able to determine more than 10,000 individual lipids and metabolites with our technical settings, and we are constantly striving to increase this number. Our expertise has contributed to many projects that have arises from various research fields in recent years. Some exemplified core projects are highlighted below to exemplify ways to use our methods and expertise.

  • Metabolic fluxes in lung tumors
    Leithner et al., 2015 Oncogene in press
  • Clinical tracer studies in diabetes research
    Triebl et al., manuscript in preparation
  • Biomarkers for liver steatosis and insulin resistance
    Chitraju et al., 2012 J Lipid Res 53:2141-52; Chitraju et al., 2013 J Lipid Res 54:2185-94; Hartler et al., 2014 Sci Data in press
  • Peroxisomal autophagy, cancer development and lipid homeostasis
    Kovacs et al., 2014 Cell Metabolism in press
  • Identification of a novel therapeutic target for metabolic syndrome
  • Signaling pathways in neurobiology
    Lebrun et al., 2014 J Neurosci 25:8432-48; Norrmen et al., 2014 Cell Reports in press

Further information about these and other projects, our team, and particularly the whole panel of instruments and methods are available via

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