Center for Medical Research

Core Facility Molecular Biology

The Core Facility Molecular Biology offers trendsetting technologies for state of the art research in the field of molecular biology. Next Generation Sequencing is a key technology in today’s research with a wide range of applications. The CFMB offers standard NGS based analyses like 16S library prep an sequencing, amplicon sequencing, shout gun genomics / metagenomics, transcriptomics, bacterial transcriptomics, TCR sequencing or targeted resequencing but provides advice to many other applications. Contact us and we are going to discuss your needs!

Furthermore, we prove 10X based single cell analysis (GX, Immune profiling, ATAC seq), all applications of Nanostring hybridization, qRT-PCR analyses, digital PCR, high throughput nucleic acid isolation or high throughput library preparation.

Our goal is to support researchers on their way from study design, through sample processing and data analysis to publication of their results at our best.

We provide verified protocols on our core devices, the Illumina MiSeq, the Nanostring nCounter® analysis system for digital counting of RNA and DNA molecules, the 10X Genomic Chromium for single cell analyses, the BioRad droplet digital PCR and various qRT-PCR cyclers but we also establish new customized methods.



  • amplicon based determination of microbial pattern (16S, ITS, 18S)
  • shot gun sequencing
  • prokaryotic transcriptomics 


  • gene expression
  • immune profiling - ATAC Seq 


  • Nanostring analyses (mRNA, microRNA, miRGE assays, 3D analyses)
  • Illumina based mRNA, microRNA Seq and targeted applications
  • droplet digital PCR
  • Clariom Arrays

NGS based methods

  • customized applications
  • ready to run libraries for MiSeq sequencing
  • high throughput NGS library preparations 


 Let’s discuss your project and we will find the perfect solution for your needs!



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