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Core Facility Imaging

The Core Facility Imaging offers analyses of cells based on colorimetric, fluorescent, and luminescent detection by using microscopy, flow cytometry, and spectrophotometry techniques.These services enable for instance life-cell imaging/cell monitoring and high content screening of adherently growing cells. Phenotyping and isolation of cells in suspension, study of intercellular communication by analysis of extracellular vesicles and cytokine profiles, and identification of cytotoxic/genotoxic/immunotoxic effects following the ISO 10993 guidelines are available. Study of respiratory cells in specific (co)culture 3D systems and tissue processing including a panel of immunohistochemical staining is possible.


Infrastructure: Confocal Laser Scan Microscopes (LSM510 Meta, Nikon A1R), High Content Screening (HCS Nikon), Atomic Force Microscopy (Flex-BIO, FLEX-ANA), Multicolor Flow Cytometry (CytoFLEX S, CytoFLEX LX), Cell Sorting (FACSARia IIIu), BioPlex-200, NanoSight NS300.


For more information about microscopy please contact Prof. Eleonore Fröhlich ( or visit at


For more information about flow cytometry please contact Dr. Heimo Strohmaier ( or visit at



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