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Core Facility Imaging

The Core Facility Imaging offers analyses in cell-based colorimetric, fluorescent, and luminescent detection-assisted techniques using microscopy, flow cytometry, and spectrophotometry. Specific label-free techniques allow the monitoring of proliferation, migration, and cell death in adherently growing cells. These services enable, for instance, live cell imaging/cell monitoring of adherently growing cells, phenotyping and isolation of cells in suspension, analysis of cytokines, and identification of cytotoxic/genotoxic/immunotoxic effects. Specific (co)culture systems are available to allow studies of permeation across physiological barriers and cellular long-term effects.

For more information about microscopy please contact Prof. Eleonore Fröhlich ( or visit at

For more information about flow cytometry please contact Dr. Heimo Strohmaier ( or visit at



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