Center for Medical Research

Real-time PCR Workshop

Course Content

The two-day quantitative real-time PCR workshop will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of real-time PCR and consists of theoretical and practical parts. The course includes:

  • Theory of quantitative real time PCR (traditional PCR vs qPCR, detection methods, assay design, amplification plots, Cq, melting curves, efficiency, reference genes...)
  • Study design (sample size calculation, experimental design)
  • Sample preparation and quality control (RNA isolation methods and RNA integrity, cDNA synthesis, qPCR reaction, assay validation, controls)
  • Absolute/Relative quantification
  • Hands on training (SYBR Assays)
  • Troubleshooting

Target Group
Beginners in qPCR studies

2 Days

Participation Fee
600 EUR - extern stuff
400 EUR - MUG employees, BioTechMed members




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