The Core Facility Molecular Biology offers modern technologies in the areas of genome and transcriptome analysis. High-throughput sequencing (next-generation sequencing) has become a central key technology in molecular biological analysis. High-quality sample preparation through the use of partially / fully automated pipetting systems ensures standardized work processes and reproducible results.



  • Automated nucleic acid extraction and creation of sequencing libraries
  • (digital) PCR analysis and classical quantitative PCR
  • 16S based microbiome analysis, metagenomics and bacterial transcriptome analysis
  • Shot-gun and amplicon sequencing
  • (single cell) transcriptome analysis
  • T-cell / B-cell receptor sequencing
  • “targeted” sequencing
  • method development and implementation


  • Nucleic acid extraction systems (e.g. MagnaPure LC, BioMek i7, QiaSymphony)
  • 96- and 384-well qPCR systems from Roche or BioRad
  • high-throughput sequencing (MiSeq / Illumina)
  • single cell isolation and library creation (Chromium Controller / 10X-Genomics)
  • Digital PCR (Nanostring nCounter)


Birgit Gallé 
T: +43 316 385 72828