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The Core Facility Mass Spectrometry applies its technologies in the research fields of lipidomics and metabolomic and deals with the measurement of entire ensembles of so-called "small molecules" in cellular systems. The established technologies enable more than 10,000 individual lipids and metabolites to be measured qualitatively and / or quantitatively.

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  • Analysis of lipid profiles and quantification of defined lipid species
  • Measurement of metabolic products - especially gluconeogenesis and glycolysis
  • Measurement of neurobiological metabolic pathways
  • Lipid profiles of extracellular vesicles


Mass spectrometer in combination with (gas or liquid-based) chromatography systems:

  • Orbitrap
  • LC-FAIMS/TSQ Ultra
  • Iontrap MS mit ETD MassSpec/AMAZOOMMS
  • TripleQuad
  • 4000 QTrap


Harald Köfeler 
T: +43 316 385 73005