Gebäude ZMF

Modern research needs high-end infrastructure which is easily accessible and available. The ZMF at the Medical University in Graz was created to allow high quality and sustainable research. The main objective in the early years was to found the core facilities, appoint qualified personnel, equip the laboratories, etc. Progressively a need for improvement was seen. In parallel with the daily support of the research, ZMF staff has taken on the task of leading the administrative management of the entire infrastructure, equipment and research space. To accomplish this task with the best possible quality a centralized, service providing unit has been established.

Forscher im Labor

The ZMF Service Unit takes care of all the necessary support activities around the daily work and to maintain a high quality service for our researchers.

The Service Unit is operationally in charge of infrastructure, maintenance, repair and strategic development. It includes the management of diverse aspects of legal regulations controlling amongst other points employee safety. This is a main priority. We also organise and provide the necessary basic training for the users of our facilities. One of these facilitates the optimum storage of frozen samples at -80°C or in liquid nitrogen with the associated professional logistics.

Service Unit

Accurate shipping of biological samples with the use of dry-ice according to IATA regulations is also provided. The Service Unit plans and coordinates the allocation of the common high-end infrastructure to ensure efficient utilization together with the director of the Center for Medical Research (ZMF).


Hannes Angerer 
T: +43 664 78633469