Seven Core Facilities (Molecular Biology, Computational Bioanalytics, Imaging, Mass Spectrometry,  Ultrastructure Analysis, Clinical Trials Unit, Prototype Construction) and the Science-Technology Interface: Structural Biology provide access to instruments, technologies, methods, services, as well as expert consultation and other services for scientific and clinical investigators.

Considerable effort has been invested in the development of a modular organisational structure to maximize effectiveness. To ensure maximum efficiency, candidate projects are critically reviewed by an independent commission and access is awarded to clinical research groups for the duration of the project funding period. In addition to the labs directly allocated to a specific project, any further infrastructure at the ZMF (isotope lab, SL2 and SL3 cell-culture labs, immunohistochemistry unit, etc.) may be utilized by the project personnel.


How to start your project at the ZMF:

  1. A public institution (FWF, EU, etc.) funds a research project (Principal Investigator/PI is Medical University of Graz employee)
  2. PI contacts ZMF management to request lab- or/and office space
  3. According to the so called “Nutzungsrichtlinie”, or ‘usage policy, the ZMF Commission reviews the project details and gives the rectorate recommendations about the allocation of resources
  4. Decision of the rectorate about resource allocation
  5. ZMF management informs the PI of the rectorats´s decision
  6. PL signs a contract, the so called "Projektvereinbarung", or project agreement, with the director of the ZMF and takes over the resources

How can new project employees be registered at the ZMF?

Each project associate that needs access to the ZMF has to be announced by the PI and registered at the ZMF.

Registration & contact